“Don’t be upset if someone misunderstands you.”

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Dhamma Corner
 “Don’t be upset if someone misunderstands you.”

Don’t be upset when someone misunderstands you. Stand firm on your principles and seek the correct answer to give to them in a way they can understand. In this way we are supporting Buddhism and helping to maintain it for future generations.

They may speak or act in an impolite manner because they simply do not understand what we do or have incomplete knowledge about a certain situation.

However through another lens you could say even if they are impolite but respond it does show that they care about wisdom and Buddhism to some degree. Therefore, we should be patient and try to explain the truth or right view to them in a different way, keeping in mind that  different approaches and a different time may make all the difference.

February 8, 2014
Luang Por Dattajeevo


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